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Crisscut Diamonds.

A more Brilliant Diamond for more Brilliant People.

Crisscut Diamonds

Although related to the popular 58-facet round brilliant diamond, it occupies a class all its own. Cut from AGS ideal “triple zero” diamonds, the Crisscut ® Round boasts 109 facets, which radiate unequalled brilliance. Although it appears round, the stone actually has 12 straight walls and 12 sides, each so flawlessly cut that a dozen arrow point perfectly to the stone’s center. The diamond’s edges break the light, creating the illusion of an exquisitely scalloped border.




wedding-bridalBridal rings are as beautiful and uniques as a woman is on that special day when she walks down the aisle, what an unforgettable moment that is. At Absolute Design we create engagement rings to compliment and re-create that beauty- that moment, so that it lasts forever. Not to be faded in 5 years.

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Diamonds always have and likely always will be the most sought after gem. Keeping this in mind I carry diamonds of all sizes from .10ct to 7ct and higher if requested. To stay competitive I offer not just the standard Gemological Laboratory certificate that all jewellers do but also a print of the inclusions, which can be viewed on a big screen TV amplified by microscope. My customers know what they are getting because I show them. Since every stone I sell is magnified for the customer to see, I can’t spin the truth, even if I wanted to, and carrying low quality diamonds is not only easily discovered by my customer’s but embarrassing, so I stick to just the best.

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