Only The Finest

Cigars & DuPont Gifts


Besides carrying large and exclusive diamonds and being the only provider of Moissanite in BC, our store also offers something for the gentlemen. Our imported cigars bring couples in who both want to be here. I also have a variety of writing instruments starting at $300 all the way to $30,000 as well as men’s accessories, leather goods, and hand made smoking jackets.

St DuPont

Is a brand name and manufacturer of lighters, collectible pens, handbags, perfumes (produced under license by Interparfums), cigarettes (made by Philip Morris International), and recently other gadgets using the trademark diamond-head pattern. The company has been producing luxury items since 1872 when founded by Simon Tissot Dupont. The founder of the brand, Simon Tissot-Dupont, was born in Savoy in 1847. S.T. Dupont owes its initials to him.

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