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Why Absolute Design is The World’s Most Unique jewelry & Cigar Store

We don’t have 50% off discounts because we don’t sell items that are made in China all our jewelry is handcrafted in Canada.

Absolute Star Design is the only jewelry store in BC to carry high quality diamonds and moissanite jewelry in 14.18.19k as well as platinum.

Any bride to be looks for a wedding dress for months so she can look the best on her special day. The same bride will buy a ring from a mall jeweller that is manufactured and duplicated 900 times not so special and unique.

  • Absolute Design offers only one of a kind rings for that one of a kind bride.

Most jewelry stores are like a car dealership. Same designed manufactured jewelry in different locations. Different price.

For people with with higher expectations we offer Crisscut Diamonds with 109 facet (cut).

At Absolute Design you are working with a professional jeweller, designer, owner all in one. Other jewelry shops are commission based sales man/women.

In our store we guarantee your diamond won’t be switched. Guaranteed.

We design only one of a kind items, no duplication, no manufactured same design like others.

One simple question to all jewelry buyers.

You walk into a jewelry store to buy a diamond. After the sale is complete how do you know you’re getting the same diamond and it was not switched?

Come to Absolute Star Design and you will earn my trust then my business.

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